Contemplating a Slovenian Education

Slovenia is a country known for delicious traditional food and great wines, located between the meeting place of the Pannonian plains, Karst, Alps and the Mediterranean. Forests and woods are plentiful with lots of snow during winter months. Parents relocating with children can have a look at study in Slovenia as well as higher education for children and teenagers favourably as the country strongly supports genuine European knowledge and work at implementing measures of importance. Some are modern postgraduate studies, undergraduate development, educational statistics, language learning, non-discrimination, equal opportunities and much more.
Grades or years in the Slovenia education cycle are divided into 2 terms with a new school year starting on the 1st of September each year. Grade one to fourth grade children forms one class and usually subjects are taught by different teachers. Slovenian, Italian or Hungarian is the language taught, depending on the area or if it is an International school. After the fourth grade a foreign language is introduced, usually it is English.
Slovenia education underwent several structural and legislative changes, rapid student number increases and a desired country for foreign students to study in Slovenia. Foreign national children undergo the same education from age six at Danila Kumar International School located in Ljubljana, an international elementary school. A private Institution, Ecole Francaise offers French primary school education as well as private schools in Maribor and Ljubljana.
Instruction language for children who study in Slovenia is Slovene, except ethnically mixed regions of Italian and Hungarian communities. English is the educating language at Gimnazija Maribor and Gimnazija Bezigrad where tuition fees must be paid. A number of private schools are also part of the Slovenian education system, such as Waldorf secondary school, general secondary school in Ljubljana, diocesan elementary school called Euro Sola Ljubljana.
Higher education is available to students at four different universities namely: University of Maribor, University of Ljubljana, University of Nova Gorica and University of Primorska.