Study in Slovenia as an Exchange Student

Study in Slovenia is made possible as part of the Erasmus international student exchange program. Students experience not only the culture and Slovene language while they receive a Slovenian education, but also the beauty of this country. Three public universities of Slovenia are Primorska, Maribor and Ljubljana and also an international Euro-Mediterranean University, which is based in Piran. The lectures here are only offered in Arabic, French and English at the Euro-Mediterranean University.
An exchange program is viable even for students not familiar with the Slovene language, as part of study programs are in English and courses are adapted to suit foreign students receiving a Slovenia education. An attractive night life and lively social life are other attractions available to foreign exchange students.
The University of Ljubljana allows applications to the facility as exchange students for 1 or 2 semesters. An application procedure is the nomination from your university to International Relations Office and an online application at the University of Ljubljana. Application deadlines for a full academic year of winter semester are 15 May and for the summer semester it is 15 November.
Instructions at Ljubljana University are offered in English and Slovenian and requirements are that a student must be proficient in either one of the two languages at high level. Accommodation is available to students in form of double rooms, with a shared kitchen and shared bathroom. Internet access in all the dormitories available and average price of a room is 80 Euros.
Bilateral Scholarships are offered to foreign students from the following countries: Turkey, Switzerland, Slovakia, Russian Federation, Macedonia, China, Poland, Montenegro, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Israel, Hungary, Greece, Czech Republic, Croatia and Bulgaria. After a successful application it will take approximately 2 weeks for money to be transferred to a student’s host institution. Accommodation is arranged in a dormitory for the period awarded and paid for by the Ministry.