The Gateway to Slovenia

Slovenia, which lies in the heart of Europe, with Italy to the West, Croatia to the South, Hungary to the East and Austria to the north, is a charming country filled with possibilities. International students love to study in Slovenia and learn the history and culture of this beautiful country.
Slovenia is a country of diversity with wonderful locations charming even the most difficult tourist. Great sports facilities, ski slopes, golf courses thrills sports enthusiast, while other recreational events such as hiking, cycling and skiing attract other enthusiasts. The pleasant country, which loves to open their doors to foreign student in obtaining a Slovenian education, is hospitable, has an unspoilt nature and loads of friendly people.
Slovenia loves inviting foreign student to study in Slovenia at one of their schools, colleges, or universities. Slovenia prides them as a prime student exchange country and offers modern postgraduate studies.
Living and working in Slovenia is possible for foreigners from EU countries, they do not require work permits in their Slovenian labor market, and job vacancies are applied for under equal conditions to everyone.
Finding accommodation in Slovenia through private agencies or real estate agents, printed media and internet are in abundance. Valid identity documents are re4quired in renting property in Slovenia with property prices the highest at the coast and in the capital Ljubljana.
Business opportunities in Slovenia have numerous highly innovative companies and small businesses. Household appliances, sailing boats, skiing facilities and light aircraft rentals are some of the many business opportunities open to investors.
Tourism sector in Slovenia is another very important investment as well as other economic sectors such as metal processing, electrical devices, chemicals, and the food industry. Investing in Slovenia and relocating to this diverse country, whether it is for educational purposes or a more permanent nature has many positive possibilities.