The Slovenia Education System

The Slovenia education aims to ensure study in Slovenia availability is at its maximum in assuring the students higher education levels. Slovenia’s education is state funded as well as a percentage from the municipal budgets. Study in Slovenia is compulsory for secondary and tertiary schools, but they also fund pre-school education, boarding schools and university boarding schools and post-graduate students’ education.
The number of students who study in Slovenia doubled since the early 1990’s with 84% of secondary school leaver moving on to do tertiary studies. Higher education student numbers also rose significantly from 19% to 41% during a survey done over a fourteen year period.
Education statistics in Slovenia education are as follows:
Elementary schools – 787
Pupil numbers of all elementary schools – 159,508
Amount of pupils per teacher in elementary schools – 12.3
Secondary schools -129,129
Pupil numbers of all secondary schools -82,267
Tertiary education facilities – 89
Amount of students in all tertiary education facilities – 107,134
Amount of graduates in tertiary education facilities – 19,694
Amount of student that enrolled for post-graduate studies – 13,300
The Republic of Slovenia Education Constitution stipulates that education and study in Slovenia is free. It is the State’s responsibility to provide compulsory basic education and also fund compulsory education with the use of public funds. The State also has the responsibility in providing all citizens of Slovenia adequate education opportunities.
The education language is Slovenian and in Hungarian areas it is compulsory for educators to have bilingual instructions in both Slovenian and Hungarian. In the Italian areas of Slovenia there are specific Italian secondary schools and there the Slovenian language is a compulsory subject even though the education is in the Italian language. International schools in Slovenia are a combination of French and English and Slovene is available at these schools as a foreign language education.