Why Study in Slovenia?

You would ask yourself that question, why study in Slovenia? There are several obvious reasons as to why students opt to study in Slovenia. First of all it is a great opportunity to see other parts of the world, learn new culture and history of another country, but also learn a unique new language.
Slovenia education is part of an international student exchange network, The Erasmus Group. Citizens and students of EU countries, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and other candidate countries have the opportunity to study in Slovenia with ease through the student exchange program.
Citizens and students from all countries that fall under the Bologna Process’ requirements also follow postgraduate and undergraduate courses and degrees at Slovenia’s universities and colleges. The three public universities in Slovenia are Maribor, Ljubljana and Primorska. Ljubljana is the largest and oldest and falls under the top 200 European universities and also in the top 500 category in the world. Information Technology and Engineering degrees are extremely popular and have exceptionally good ratings internationally. The amount of universities in the world amounts to several thousand and Slovenia ranks around 270th in the world, which is a great number.
Students from other countries will be very surprised at the high-quality, ultra-modern faculties of Ljubljana, but they have to know that the city of Ljubljana is actually a student town, with the majority of people there students. The ratio of students and normal citizens is 5 -1. The two younger institutions, Primorska and Maribor universities are both based in Koper. They also attract many foreign students and also offer high quality facilities and study programs to foreign students.
The private International Euro-Mediterranean University located in Piran, Slovenia offers lectures only in French, Arabic and English. This is why it is stressed to non-Slovene speaking students that language is not a barrier for exchange students as parts of programs often takes place in English and courses are specially adapted for International students not speaking Slovene.